Aless techniques?

hey everyone, I‘m curious to know about your aless techniques. If someone is interested in sharing experiences , maybe even having sessions together, I‘m open for that. Feel free to dm me

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progress with doing nothing method

Hello everyone.

In my first post I was writing about my frustration. I keep on trying and don‘t want the frustration to win. Thanks to all the recommendations and experiences, I probably would have given up already without reddit and other forums.

I‘ve made some progress in my last sessions. I feel like doing nothing works best for me atm. Just feeling, relaxing, no squeezing, no porn , (only listening to mindgasm in the beginning for relax and then to some erotic stuff), breathing and touching my nipples , belly and thighs (of course not the penis)
Last night I had a nice session, my body started trembling, I felt a nice pressure on my prostate, moving my hips.. but somehow my body was like “exhausted“ at some point if that makes sense. Maybe I was trying too hard or I was simply tired ? I cannot do a session during the day unfortunately. I think it‘s so difficult to stay “patient“ when things start to feel good .. what can I do when the tremblings start for example? Just keep on breathing, enjoying without wanting more?

A little concern of mine is that I don‘t live alone. i have seen videos of people screaming and moaning uncontrollably, I would literally wake up the whole house (i live in the city, have neighbors also 😅) i don‘t want them to call the ambulance haha
A question to the super o experts: how loud are you? Do you live alone? What about neighbors?

Need help!

hello everyone
I‘m so frustrated. Since more than 10 years I‘ve been trying and I don‘t get there. The thing is that , as a kid, and long before I discovered my dick for masturbation, I discovered my prostate. It was something natural for me, it felt like magic, I had no idea that it was sexuality. At some point I stopped having super O’s during puberty because feelings had become overwhelming and I was kind of scared of it.

In my mid 20s I started using aneros and basically since then I‘m trying to have this feeling again. Everytime I think that I‘m getting there I‘m starting by zero again and I feel like I‘m just not able to be connected to my body. It‘s so frustrating because I remember the feeling of ecstasy , the pure bliss, feeling “whole“ ,don‘t want to sound dramatic but it feels like a big part of me and my sexuality is missing. I lost it and I‘m afraid that I‘ll never be able to feel it again.

I‘ve been listening to mindgasm on youtube which helped somehow, sometimes I get some shaking in the legs , it feels nice but that‘s it. Don‘t know how to make it bigger. I try to not expect much, try to relax etc… in the end I’m frustrated and sad. btw I‘m using helix trident. I used others in the past , was not any different