Few questions to repeat orgasm and know how muscle works

I have a lot of questions about muscles.
I have been at this for a year with one huge SuperO success about 2-3 months ago with Mindgasm and aneros helix.
That day was without high expectations, with consistent breathing, with perfect tensing without tensing the whole body. I thought after that one time I was already a master and would remember how it happened.
It turns out that I bring new lessons every day, but I don’t know what I bring correct and what I don’t.

I have a problem with
1. distinguishing the PC muscle
2. the style of squeezing them
3. what is a squeeze with a power of 10, and what is an exaggeration?

1 – when squeezing the PC muscle, I should feel the squeezing of the penis and the sensation of “boiling sperm in it?”
2. i can squeeze the muscle as if on a rope with bending the body and zonally without bending the body, which way is correct?
3. don’t know if if if I squeeze at 10 I am not going off the scale, because I start to squeeze other parts of my body like buttocks and abdomen

I have the impression that in the toilet I can stop peeing in two ways, one is to feel it at the anus and avoid clenching the penis, and the other is to withhold urine with the penis itself.