Which prostate toy do i buy?

So uh I managed to save up enough money for an aneros but guess what, my country doesnt allow imports of sex toys and there are only a very few legit websites in my country which sell prostate massagers. Aneros is out of the question for me now and lovense is wayyyy outside my budget 🙁

Would other massagers work as well as the aneros models?

These are the only options I can choose from unfortunately-



Would I still be able to get a pleasurable experience with any of these massagers?

How to feel aroused

My drive has been fairly low, i’m 20 and i have abstained for a week now. I thought it would be fairly difficult but i havent had any urge to masturbate at all. I know being aroused and relaxed are the main components of aless. I can get fairly relaxed but I just cant get aroused enough. How do I focus on my arousal and how can i increase it. Im practicing my kegels and trying the mindgasm files. I cant seem to take the involuntaries to the next level. I get some flutters here and there but it doesnt lead to the muscles moving all by themselves.

A-Less need some help…

So I’ve been exploring mindgasm and A-less for a few weeks now. Around 2 weeks ago i felt like i was making good progress. I had a few moments where i would get p waves and my dick would get hard by using involuntaries, but i never seemed to reach a super o stage

Then i came across this link – https://community.aneros.com/forum/general-discussion/how-to-have-a-less-orgasms-almost-instantly-male-vagus-nerve-orgasms/

I had an amazing experience but i still wasn’t able to reach a super o.

Since that session I’ve been unable to get any pleasurable feelings. No p waves, no involuntaries, nothing.

I haven’t jerked off in a few days now and I’ve been working on meditation but nothing seems to work now. I really can’t get a toy and i don’t have access to weed or THC.

Any advice would be appreciated