Steady Progress, almost an orgasm?

I’ve been using aneros regularly for the past few months with some steady progress that I wanted to share.

Usually I put it in and get consistent pleasant sensations (sometimes in low waves) for about an hour and then stop from tiredness.

I recently went a whole week and a half with no aneros while still being horny (I’m 20) and got a-less sensations for the first time ever. I would feel a slight tingle, focus on it, and it would feel like the aneros was in even though it wasn’t, my dick got hard and I felt the pulsing at the tip of the penis in time with my prostate that so many people describe for the first time.

Finally, earlier today I used the aneros again. It was a short session -and still no orgasm- but for the first time I felt a tingling warmth swell from my pelvis over my body, and I felt something build, like my whole body was about to sneeze, and then I totally lost it, fell out of “the mood”/mindset and ended the session.

I’ve heard people describe the buildup to a prostate orgasm as the “full body sneeze” so this along with my first aless sensations makes me pretty excited. Even though there was no orgasm it all felt really good.

I’m going to try to go a whole week with with no aneros again (and this time try to abstain from jerking off but still stay horny which is a little hard at my age) and see what happens.