Beginner who struggled with the Progasm on the first try, found success in the end: a lube and warm sensation question.

So, after a good 2 hours of trying, and mostly just trying to fit the damn thing inside of me, it finally went in after using Vaseline I luckily still had instead of KY Jelly water based lube. I ruined it by deciding “okay, guess I should jack off now” when I felt like I was laying there long enough, and while the end result of that felt really good, I read a post on here saying that I’m not supposed to touch my dick at all for the super O.

Now for the questions: Should lube have been an issue, is a specific type of lube needed for something like the Progasm in general, or was my technique bad/hole too tight out of little use? What’s funny is I took to Pornhub to see how a guy did it, and the dude just slid it right in fully without any issue. Is there a technique to that, or was it my attempt at pushing in and out and breathing for an hour that helped it get in deeper?

As for the warm sensation, when I read about it, it was described in the thread that the best sign that I’m hitting the prostate is a warm/burning feeling in the abdomen. However, what I felt instead felt like it was coming from what I guess was the anal cavity like where I was pushing the Progasm towards. Upon feeling that, I didn’t know if it was my prostate saying I found it, or my brain saying stop pushing it there or something bad will happen. Nothing bad happened, so I guess I found it? I also couldn’t tell if I was shaking and sucking my gut in because of spoiling myself on that happening, or if my body actually did that on its own. Leaning towards the latter, but not sure still.