Unable to continue..

I’ve been getting great pleasures while using Helix Classic. I think the feeling is the P-wave..? Not mind-blowingly intense but the feeling is great. Lasted for at least 5 minutes and after that I can’t get that sensation again.

Anyone had the same experience?

Made some progress! :D

So after several boring sessions, I'm glad to say I've made some progress. During my last session, after 50 minutes I finally feel what it's called P-wave, I assume. My whole body was in spasm mode and the spasm starts from my thighs, and then it flow to the butt cheeks, and then around to my pubic area. I always thought the feeling of P-wave is something like a continuous prolonged orgasm (similar to the female orgasm) but apparently it's not! The spasms feel good, satisfying and subtle.

One question though, since it took my 50 minutes to get to that state, how long can I enjoy the body spams? In the manual it says between 60 – 90 minutes for each sessions for beginners but I already wasted 2/3 of the time relaxing. I just don't want to push myself too much and risk injuring my prostate.

EDIT: I enjoyed the body spasms for around 15 minutes only. I'm just too afraid to continue.

First time aneros/anal user. Need advice.

Hi. So I just bought the MGX and this will be my first aneros ever and actually my first anal experience. I'm just curious about how it would feel while using it. I've seen videos where the entire body is in spasm mode and I'm worried that I'm not in control of my own body.