Question regarding penis stimulation + fun little experience

Hello again!

I have been playing with a helix syn and progasm for about 9 months now with some successes and some frustrations (sometimes some pleasurable sensations, most times not, and one super orgasm: literally mind blowing!)

A couple of weeks ago I opened up to the gf about my prostate play, and she was surprisingly open to helping in whatever way she could! We’ve had a few sessions where we are simply cuddling and making out while I have either massager in and she avoids penile stimulation so that she doesn’t interfere with the rewriting process.

How vital is this? Should she continue to avoid touching my penis if we are playing and I have an aneros inserted? If she does, with that help or hurt my journey to additional pleasurable feelings during my aneros only play?

Off topic fun experience for those still reading: She was giving me a blowjob today (aneros play yesterday) without an aneros inserted, and I started having waves of pleasure (mini-o?) from my prostate at one point without ejaculating!!!

Possibly nonsensical rant I wrote last night after 2nd o (possibly first super-o). Maybe someone finds it helpful?

Hoooooooly shit, it just keeps getting better!!

Just had another (better?) DEFINITE super o (feels like an acid trip, like literally melted into bed), <1hr ago (been trying every day since Sunday… I know bad idea…) SOME NOTES:

*All fours, with face pressed against the bed has been REVOLUTIONARY for me!

*Switching between the Progasm and the helix helped(?) again, but ultimately the progasm gave the sensations that sent me over the edge.

*Didn’t cum last night, possibly not even the night before(?), probably helped

*Make sure the progasm is all the way in.

*Almost gave up at one point towards the end, didn’t, glad I didn’t.
The bulge between the scrotum and the anus is a false flag (sort of), tapping just below it with my finger got a smaller SUPER wonderful bludgeon to pop up and rub against the lower ridge of the progasm (just let that selfish little bugger eat away and don’t worry about the tip of the progasm slipping back onto the anus so much).

Anyone have anything to add? Notes of their own?