Where the hell is my prostate. Literally everything but direct anal can stimulate it.

I can get a sense of warmth and arousal somewhere below my bladder from many things. Except anal toys.

All these listed significantly increase semen/pre-cum, and generate sexual sensations in the correct area described in the correct manner.

Perineum? Check. Had the most powerful orgasm of my life with an edible and a few hours massaging that. For nearly a day afterwards, just twitching my leg was like a regular orgasm.

Vibration? Check. This is actually a regular distraction when driving to work.

Flexing/exercises? Check. I can roll the anal muscles up to that muscle that controls pissing and get stimulation as described, although I’ve never managed to get an actual prostate orgasm from this, just a lot of semen.

Non-penile sexual stimulation? Check. Nipple play ramps up semen generation so hard it makes me feel dehydrated before I even cum.

I’ve tried: Hitachi wand (?) that bannana curved stainless steel wand everyone recommends as it’s supposed to be really good at manually finding the prostate but is mostly a good way to wear out your arm because it’s heavy and hard to leverage, several vibrating dildos of various sizes, and the classic Aneros.

Even with that wand thing, I can’t seem to “find” my prostate. Anywhere. Deep, shallow, etc. No amount of pressing, pulling, stroking, at any depth can seem to find that sensation I get with literally everything else.

Yet with a full bladder, just flexing the leg/lower-crotch muscles repeatedly can stimulate my prostate enough to barely milk it.