How do you use the njoy pure wand without getting tired?

Sorry this isn’t technically an aneros question, but hopefully I can get some advice here.

I’ve been getting so close to a prostate orgasm. I can feel it, teetering right on the verge but never quite getting there.

My tool of choice has been the njoy pure wand and the problem I’ve been running into is that I need a lot of upward pressure. So I have to use two hands. One to hold in in place, and the other as a fulcrum point to lever it up into my prostate. Fantastic results, but I can’t hold that position for more than a couple minutes. I’ve tried flipping it over so that it’s pushing from behind (the curve of the wand following my butt). I’ve heard people have had good results from that. I get the intense pressure, but not the pinpoint accuracy that I get the other way.

Anyone have any tips on how best to use this piece without having your arms, and hands get all worn out?

Using the aneros to train yourself for multiple male orgasms

So, I’ve had success recently with the Aneros. I get some pretty amazing feelings. I’m not certain that what I’m feeling is a super O. In some ways it doesn’t matter because it feels great, but in other ways it dosen’t necessarily feel better than a traditional orgasm, so it makes me second guess myself.

Anyway, what I’ve noticed, is that at the end of an aneros session and I try to a traditional O I get what the aneros forums call a super-T (regular orgasm but much more powerful than usual). It’s different because I feel the orgasm for a good 5 seconds before the ejaculation. That’s never happened before. Usually the ejaculation and the orgasm occur simultaneously. And the orgasm I feel for 5 seconds before the ejaculation is AMAZING. I keep thinking, if I could separate these further, or prolong this orgasm feeling that would be a literally world changing.

Has anyone else experienced this? Has anyone else been able to separate the orgasm from the ejaculation further and further until you are able to have that orgasm without the ejaculation?

I realized thats sort of what the aneros is supposed to do for you, but I’ve found my aneros orgasms feel very different (and much less powerful) than the 5 second orgasm I feel before ejaculation.

Would love to hear if anyone else has experienced this.

Got a lot of results today. But did I get a super-o? Looking to share my experience and ask some questions from other more experienced users.

A little quick background. I’ve been trying to use my helix syn for 2 years now. No results. Once I felt pretty tingly for an hour or so, but that was the best result I ever got.

I’m not a drug user. But recently I got some marijuana from a friend. I have a vaporizer and have been using it off and on. First time I tried it, I fell asleep but didn’t feel anything much else. Second time I got super forgetful and didn’t remember much of anything that happened but remembered that it didn’t give me any other kind of sensations (enhanced tastes, sounds, colors, laughing fits, paranoia, relaxation etc).

But I thought I’d try taking some weeds and using my helix syn. First time I definitely felt some stuff I’d never felt before. Today though, within ten minutes I felt all kinds of stuff. I’ll try to explain it. First it felt like electricity was charging though my body. Tingling, warmth, energy…wave after wave. Then I felt like I was leaving my body and becoming different shapes. I felt like my mind was sand pouring through and hourglass, then I felt like my mind was a basketball being deflated, then I felt like my mind was silly putty being stretched, then I felt like my mind was water being sucked up through a straw…all the while my body kept energizing, and having these waves of warmth and electricity. This lasted for a couple hours and I can actually hours later still bring back some of the tingling and energy feelings if I clench my muscles a little. Weird thing was, it was very difficult to maintain the energy running through my body with my eyes open. If I closed my eyes I could feel all kinds of things but as soon as I opened them again, it would subside much more. It was still there, but weaker and harder to control.