Notable results for a second go

I finally decided to do something for myself for once so I invested in an Aneros Progasm. Having lurked here for awhile I had low expectations of anything notable happening for awhile. The try resulted in a stronger than usual orgasm but nothing to post here about.

Last night once I got going I experimented with various positions to see which got me going in the right direction. I was surprised that was laying flat on the floor on my stomach but hey, less work. I was a little unsure of of this position since I had wanted to avoid direct penis stimulation and I was getting some of that but it felt good so I went with it. Over about a half hour I got closer and closer to something big but I was running out of time- family are such cockblockers- so I decided to finished by masturbating.

Now I’d read here one useful trick is to stop any contact with my penis just before I was about to come and to let the Aneros do the rest. Well I did that and it resulted in a ruined orgasm. Not to be deterred I kept going (which is totally unheard of for me) and very quickly a second orgasm came and damn, it well made up for the first. My legs got really wobbly but for some reason I felt like I could knock out a third, which came soon after the second. It wasn’t as powerful as the second but all three left me a quivering, giggling mess for quite some time.