Phase 4: Bathing during Aneros use

So today I tried using the Aneros while in a bath. I thought it would deeply relax me.
Turns out it works pretty good. It's so easy to get in to/hold the right position )on my back, legs bent( while in my bath.
On top of that the warm water made me relaxed me very well.

One problem with it. I use water-based lube, so it dissolves in water.
So I had to stop after like 30mins because the device was getting uncomfortable

Session Summary:
– Creating muscle spasms is getting easier
– Relaxing is getting easier
– Water-based lube doesn’t work for long in a bath

Phase 3: Session Disruption & Discomfort

Had a pretty annoying session.
I was in my room, enjoying my aneros. But I wasn't home alone, so people constanly disrupted me.
This really made me stressy and annoyed. + my arousel level dropped to zero.
On top of that the water-based lube seems to dry out too quickly, which causes discomfort.

Didn't get any P-waves or anything, coudn't even let it autofuck me because I wasn't relaxed enough.

Session Summary:
– None
– All

Phase 2: Successful P-wave

Session was better than last time, I was more relaxed.
Progasm started to autofuck me real good about an hour in to the session.

I felt I was about to orgasm, but my mind was like: "ERROR IllegalArgumentExpection: Prostate not registered as OrgasmProvider" (forgive me, I'm an IT guy).
I did however get a good P-wave out of it.

My muscles were getting tired after that, and I couldn’t get them to spasm so nicely anymore.
I grew impatient and just jerked off to a Super-T.

Session Summary:
– P-wave
– Unable to get prostate orgasm
– Should be calmer and take more time.

Phase 1: Initiation

Welcome welcome welcome, on my blog.
I'll share my experiences here about my journey to become "rewired".

About me:
I'm a 20yr old gay guy, so I've had my share of anal play.
This will hopefully be an advantage on my journey.

Start of Phase 1: Initiation
So I unpacked my first aneros (Progasm), I tought it would be larger but it wasn't (thankfully).
So after lubing up the aneros for the first time, I inserted it and it went in smoothly.
I hear some novice people find it quite big at first. I certainly didn't (first advantage of have anal play experience YAY).

The Progasm was very comfortable inside me, I didn't wait 10 minutes as often said.
I felt it wasn't really necessary.

So I started doing some anal contractions and Kegel exercises. I started feeling it in my prostate. It felt really good.
Now the problem I had was trying to keep the imbalance between the anal and pc muscle.
The more I focused on it, the harder it was.

The session ended with me having a Super-T. No super-o's yet.
I think it was because I wasn't relaxed enough and I couldn't keep my focus on the pleasure (my mind wandered a lot).

Session Summary:
– Pleasurable prostate feelings
– Not relaxed enough
– Not focused enough