prostate stimulation

Hi. I crawled into the fetal position and inserted a finger and it felt good. at times it went up to the sphincter and the sensation was nice in that part. It was good just to lie still and just gently come hither with the finger tip. I just stimulated my nipples and i could feel a somewhat energy in my rectum and I could feel a slight pulse. I didnt want to take my finger out because i could feel a kind of energy and my prostate seemed to engorge and the whole experience was most enjoyable with precum. I tried to move my finger in and out and it was pleasant but no orgasms I am afraid apart from the one when I masturbated

2nd session

Hi guys. I am still to get my first device. Last night I was in bed and I inserted my finger which was pleasant. I did a gentle beckon with my finger and it felt quite good. I stimulated my nipples which increased the sensation and then massaged my perineum and I could feel it make contact my fingers inside which was awesome. So I alternated and the sensations were good. I could become addicted to this and I never wanted it to stop. I wasnt having orgasms but it felt good. When I touched my penis it felt as though it was buzzing, a kind of electricity. I then arched my back and then lowered it so my finger could go deeper and did that a few times and it felt good. Later on I rested and where my finger was positioned I could definitely a strong pulse and the feelings were good. Unfortunately I didnt orgasm or cum but think I am getting there maybe.
The amount of precum was a lot

hi guys. finger multiple orgasms)timnall(

Hi guys. I am a newbie to all this and I have yet to buy my first aneros model. Looking at the exercises that Chuck showed the assembly, I felt a kind of something but was unable to stay as long as I would have liked as I live in the Uk and it was getting near 1 am and bed. I got into bed and thought I would lubricate my finger with cream and insert it up me and let it lie there for a few minutes.; Eventually I felt something and when I handled my penis and glans there was a certain buzz and tingle as though someone had put a vibrator inside my penis. It felt good. I did the come hither with my finger and pushed it as far as I could. Eventually precum started so I rubbed it over the head and frenulum and was getting more excited so I started kneading the head and I came. That was number 1 precum and ejaculate
I was surprised at how wet i was so moved the wetness round. I was still turned on so I repeated the procedure with the same sensation and same result. That was no 2 with as much precum and sperm as before. i was getting wet.
For number 3 i inserted my finger again and yet there was more precum but i didnt ejaculate. For number 4 I repeated and precum was flowing and I was spreading it around the glans and the corona and the frenulum. I was getting more excited so I kneaded the head and I came again. By this time I was so wet but I just spread the stuff around as usual
For 5 i reinserted my finger and there was more precum and i just massaged the glans but didnt ejaculate. For 6 the final one I repeated the procedure and there was more precum which I spread round and I was soaking in my bush so just moved my finger about there and again on the glans and I ejaculated again for the 4 time which was awesom. I have never before ejaculated so many times. Something humourous guys, the fingers I used to stimulate the penis and the head with the precum and cum I felt had become wrinkled like a prune. If you keep your hands in water for a length of time they get all wrinkled. You know what I mean guys. I never experienced before that but I suppose it was natural given the length of time I had my fingers in the stuff
Finally I fell asleep
This morning I woke up and was feeling turned on so I inserted my finger in my rectum and there was more precum which I spread about but I thought I had had enough orgasms for one session. Thanks for reading my first blog from a newbie.