I think I was close, was I close?

so I started to become intrested in prostate stuff, I’ve never seen anyone say they hated their prostate orgasm, so I told myself why the hell not. So I got the helix syn trident, prograsm, recently the new vibrating one. It’s been a fun journey, the Helix syn is fun to use with the wife.

Today happened, I’m like 2 weeks with no orgasm (on purpose), wife is taking a nap, I had that feeling, so I went and got my V, and SAT IN MY CHAIR. I noticed a difference right away, since I’m normally always on my back or side. I had so much more forceful control with just being able to grind my hips. Fastforward like 50 mins into it, and I get my first ever involuntary muscle contractions ( I think ).

It felt like a balloon filling and then it would suddenly pop with a very fast but intense flood of pressure. The filling part lasted like a min, while the pop was a fraction of a second. Not what I thought muscle contractions would feel like, hence why I’m questioning it.

I’m at this point, focusing on staying relaxed (really fucking hard at this point ) and…….. my battery dies. But not all is lost, I sit in my chair for half an hour just processing what happened, and as I stood up, I felt like I was going to fall over any moment. I felt super light and my body was shaking. So I felt like I was really close, like am I on the right track here???