Aneros Helix user

I've been using the helix for about 3 months now. I never got the Super O yet, but feel I'm really close. I tried laying on my back with pillows under my legs. I get the best feeling on my knees bent over with my head down. I've tried something different last week. I bent over on my knees leaning into a computer chair and that felt good too. I'm not sure if this is working against my relaxing though.

After coming close for about a two hour session, I used a massager on the helix and that worked out pretty good. After about an hour of that, i sat in the chair with the helix in and used the massager on my prenium. I held the massager tight against my prostate from the outside. I suddenly had an orgasm which hardly had any cum. It was definitely different. Was that a regular traditional orgasm or something close to the Super O?