After 5+ years of trying, is it time to stop?

Hello all,

As the title suggests I’ve been doing this for a long time. The only success I had is using penile masturbation to get me close and using toys to finish it off, this is all good but it doesn’t feel better than a traditional boring orgasm.

Honestly reading what everyone here is achieving in a matter of months and even days is driving me insane. I’ve been having hour long sessions with my Aneros. But also with other toys I own and the best I can do is leak a few drops of precum.

Sometimes I abstain from jacking off for a week while toying but my mood swings get so insane that I had to seek therapy to deal with it and eventually I give up and just jack off feeling guilty and the cycle starts all over again.

I’ve been reading the malegspot wiki so much that I can rewrite it with my eyes closed. Is it time to give up on this, and hope I can ever come to terms with that I’ll never achieve explosive pleasure like everyone else has?

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