Tips for a first-time aneros user?

Getting my first aneros later this week, I’m getting the helix syn trident.

I’ve been listening to erotic audios from r/gonewild, especially from kinkyshibby, for over a year and recently started getting into prostate play. I’ve tried to achieve HFO a lot of times but I usually just end up getting really close like I’ve been edging for a long time and then I finish with a few strokes. When I started doing prostate play it felt great and I was able to get a prostate orgasm but I don’t think it was a super-O. And I needed at least a little stroking to get me over the edge w/ prostate play.

Reading a bunch of descriptions and stories of people’s experiences finally got me curious enough to take the dive and get my first toy like this so I can’t wait to try it out. I’m just wondering if there’s anything else I should do besides not touching myself for a few days before I use it? I try to practice kegels every once in a while too and I think I have decent control over those muscles.