Coming along

I’ve had the Progasm Classic for about a week now. I’ve used it a few times but not every day due to a busy schedule. Today I had a few minutes to blow so I thought I would give it another try.
I think I’ve gotten better with every attempt. Today was the closest I come to having an orgasm although it is always enjoyable.
I have noticed that people seem to find the different positions that work from them. Lying on my back with my upper body propped up with pillows seems to work best for me right now.
Today I found that I tended to arch my back and push down until I was at the “top” of my prostate, and then using my muscles to ride it all the way down. I could tell that given a bit more practice I could probably orgasm using that technique. Even in the short time I’ve had it, I found that my muscle control seems to be improving. I’m still using some poppers to help things along but I would like to get to the point where I don’t need them.


I ordered my Progasm Classic about two weeks ago.
For the first week I just kind of fumbled around with it. Even though the feeling of having it inside me was pleasurable it was frustrating to read the blogs about others experiences and not figure it out.
At the end of the first week – for some reason – I finally had an orgasm. I’m not sure exactly what I was doing differently. I think that I just put it in whenever I had a stretch of time and figured out out it felt until…..BAM!
Once I came I was able to have several sessions where I came. But then I had two sessions that were much like week 1 – which was immensely frustrating. I think I was just trying too hard.
After that – I just started listening to my prostate (LOL). I didn’t bother to try to cum unless I could feel my prostate was tensing up in anticipation.
Right now I’m in week three, and I seem to have figured this out (I hope).
I’m having intense multiple orgasm sessions several times a day. It takes me less than five minutes from when I insert the progasm to when I am cumming. I am basically like a kid who ate all of his Halloween candy in one sitting at this point. There are times when I can just have a ten-minute session and be satisfied, and there are times when I want to devote an hour our so just to intense cumming.

Just ordered the Progasm Classic

I just ordered the Progasm Classic. I am a newbie to all of this but super-excited. From reading the blogs I can tell that this all takes a bit of practice but hopefully I will pick it up quickly.

I just got the Progasm Classic in the mail today. Initial impressions – it was smaller and harder than what I expected. I set about to testing it out. Inserting it was not difficult. I felt a small amount of prostate pressure but not much. I fumbled around to find the optimum positions for me – going from lying straight back on the bed to standing next to it and being bent over the bed. I tied moved the devise around using my kegal and sphincter muscles but wasn’t getting that “building” sensation. I googled some websites to watch how it was done but I didn’t see anything that really showed me how to do it.

I laid back down again and just experimented using my muscles again. I really don’t want to touch my cock as I saw some do in the videos as I am going for a total prostate experience. I started getting into some sort of rhythm but I can tell that my muscles aren’t really disciplined enough yet to move this thing the way that it needs to stroke me. Anyways – seeing the blog I realized beforehand that this isn’t something that you get right off the bat.