What does this sound like?

I recently bought a helix Syn off eBay, not the trident one however. The first night when I finally received it i tried to be as aroused and relaxed as possible, maybe like 10 minutes into laying on my bed I felt my Syn start moving on it’s own in my rectum, I was not clenching either. Eventually it got to the point where my entire anus started to forcefully pull it in against my prostate, that felt really good. there were little moments of pleasure as well like my legs started shaking on there own, and that was pretty much all that happened on the first session, then comes yesturday, I was relaxed on my bed and then out of no where I began to feel a sudden warmness start to grow in my pelvic region, probably around the prostate because that’s where it was growing, but it only lasted for a second and then it was gone, and so did all other sensations, anyone ever experience this type of thing, if so what can it mean?