Well, the eupho needed a little mod on the tab to make it hit the spot, also removed the curly end. It is a whole different feeling in a sense, takes a little more "work" and the intensity is less than my classic but the sensations are excellent and I'm sure as I get more in tune with its "harmony" excitement will follow. Nice to see all here and having fun…stay well and keep posting…


  1. Hey Geezer,
    I know you will come to enjoy Eupho's many and varied pleasures. Let yourself go and ride the waves. The pleasure is very intense and continues to build. Good luck, have fun, and keep us informed about your progress. Take care,

  2. Have had three sessions with it and need to adjust the tab for sure, when I remove the Eupho and insert my classic the difference in intensity is dramatic, will modify again and post update.

  3. Geezer,

    Did you remove the curley tab in the beginning? I had cut mine off of my MGX and Maximus but I kept it on the Helix (just for variation) but I am seriously thinking about offing the one on the Eupho. I figured it would make the Eupho even more mobile.



  4. Yes I took off the curly end. Well, last nite i tried something new, I had always had a bit of an issue with lube, even with the dropper inserting some, I never really felt a whole lot of movement unless I did the contraction thing, so, I thought, I will give vaseline a try, put just a touch on the end of the Eupho, slid it in and "holy moly" could not believe the amount of movement of the Eupho all by itself, had a super great session for about 2 hrs and came really really close to orgasm. The newness of the experience took my mind of concentrating on the proper issue !!!
    So, thats my new lube from now on…
    If anyone has negative comment on the vaseline issue, (health only pls) I would appreciate it, the old Ky and ID just did not cut the mustard for me.

  5. geezer –

    Personally I find Vaseline to 'heavy' and I try to avoid mineral oil based products. B F Mayfield has some good observations amongst the threads that offers comparitive and qualitative observations regarding various lubes.


  6. Hey Geez,

    I have settled into a routine of slathering vaseline over the Aneros then apply a thin coating of my generic lubricant (KY knockoff). I have also used about 1 teaspoon of lubricant via the syringe. I have had my best results using Vaseline.

    How has it been going otherwise?


  7. Well, change in plans again !!! decided to try the "wet Platinum" lube, silicone based, and I can tell you it beat the vaseline all to hell as far as movement goes, no pre lube either..thought I was going over the edge yesterday but sensations got so hot I actually backed off.
    otherwise it is a super great ride , I just might have to quit work and stay in bed all day, the enjoyment is so fucking good !!!!!!!
    Stay well everyone.

  8. G,

    What is the name of the lube and where did you get it. I'm intrigued enough to try it.


  9. Buster,

    Yeehaa! The week-end is almost here, and you know what that means…..
    As for lube I just use knock-off KY also, but I use about 2 tbls. Have a good week-end. Talk to you later….Nood

  10. The "wet Platinum" was available at the local "love shop", should be quite common at this type of store. It is slippery as all get out and dosen't seem to dry out as much as the KY, I got a real small amount to try first and it will last for probably 10 sessions anyway, I tried that "mucko" brand stuff and it had some kind of warming ingrediant which felt ok for about 5 mins then sort of turned off all the sensation receptors.
    Cheers. G

  11. Hey Geezer,

    You are still modifying the Eupho, huh? I cut off the curly tab, but I have not done anything else.

    It sounds as though yet again, you and I are about at the same place. I know that you will make it as well.

    Keep us posted.


  12. About the same, been partying too much and the booze dont agree with the aneros !!!
    Gotta slow down…
    Stay well, Cheers.

  13. Strange, cant seem to add any comments to Busters blog, however, seems I am in the same spot as he is, I switched back to my classic which has a better tab placement and I think I will stick with it for a while as it really does get me riding on the edge, just have to concentrate more internally than externally.
    Best to all.

  14. Hey G,

    Riding on the edge! I am thinking that you and I especially could write a book about that. I guess that being where we are is as good an alternative as there is. It is certainly fun. I feel bad for those that would appear are going to give up on this. I have been going back to my original in my journey. I find that it gives me more direct prostate stimulation than the Eupho. That gets me started. I do find that my best sessions are when I switch between models.

    I am trying to come up with different things to try, but I am running out. I am still optimistic, just get frustrated every once in a while.

    Here's to our success!


  15. Yes, I found going back to my classic really intensified the sensations and I really think its because of the tab placement, at present it hits the magic spot right on and the tip of the knob seems to massage the prostate just perfectly, so, one of these days !!!!! may have to set off fireworks to celebrate ….

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