Am really curious about the "movement" issue. none of my models actually 'Move" in the strictist sense of the word, rather they seem exert a very subtle caress of the prostate resulting in the very exciting sensations. I can introduce movement by various methods of contracting but find that that is defeating the more subtle sensations thus, I stop that and depend strictly on very minor contractions mostly created by breathing.
So, am I missing something here ??? by not experiencing more pronounced movement??


  1. Hey Geezer,

    I was just thinking that myself. Using the MGX there is not a whole lot of movement. I am hearing that the Helix moves around a bit. I wonder if that is a stumbling block for me.


  2. I dont think it is, at least I hope it is not the critical issue as my Helix hardly moved at, I turfed it after about 10 trys..The situation I am facing I believe is still the old penis dependancy issue, I am convinced that the level of my prostate/perenium /anal stimulation is sufficient to produce a dry orgasm, the block at this point is a mental one, I have come so close a few times to crossing over that convinced me that the mental issue is the key at this point.
    Good Luck.

  3. I have also been bad about relying on the penile stimulation as part of the process. I have had a few mental conversations with myself about that. Maybe being a bit backed up might help. As I have mentioned, I believe I am very close on this. Too bad I have to work.

    Take care Geezer,


  4. In thinking back to when I first started on this adventure, reading all the forum notes etc, I am really curious about the effect that ones sexual past has on the ability to currently experience the dry o's.
    When I was much younger, late teens early 20's it as almost possible to have an orgasm just thinking about sex and in fact I probably did.

    As years went by I experienced a very fulfilling sex life, full of fulfilling fantasies and enjoying most forms of sexual enjoyment.

    At my current age and having sort of satisfied most fantasies I wonder if it reduces the intensity that the mental focus and stimulation has on the physical part of the dry o mechanics, It seems more difficult now to create that mind/body integration so easily attained when younger. The pressure of course to have any orgasm is of course highlited when one ages and this also helps to block the total concentration rewquired to achieve the dry o's, also, the aneros can one so horny you just have to masterbate.!!!!..

  5. I will bet you anything that you have that Super O in you. Keep plugging it in. I am looking for that special thing that will throw me over the top, when I find it, I will be sure to let you know and you do the same.


  6. Geezer,

    I was just talking about you in my latest blog entry. How are things going on your end?


  7. Well Buster, still chasing the elusive "O" but enjoying the trip and keep brushing along its edge, just bought the Eupho and will be interesting to see the difference if any, would be nice to find a quick way to replace the seminal fluids then one could enjoy both events !!!!! that damn masterbating might just turn one blind !!! lol…
    ZGood luck..

  8. Hi Geezer,

    I was wondering where you were. I hope you are well. I have purchased the Eupho as well. I should get it soon. I will be very interested in how it is working for you. Keep posting and let us know.

    To the journey,


  9. Hello Geezer,
    Glad to read that you and Buster are both awaiting the Eupho. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Keep us all informed. Take care,

  10. Hey Geez,

    Let us know how the Eupho is treating you. Check out my blog to read about my experience so far.

    Take care,


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