I recently received my Helix. I have tried it two times with no reactions. I would like to communicate with someone personally to ask questions regarding techniques, experiences, recommendations, etc.

Please contact me at [email protected]



  1. Hey Asian6920,
    Don't hesitate to use the blogs or forum. You'll find the registered users very helpful Take care,

  2. Hi Charlie
    thanks for the references. I have gone to the forum/bog sections – but still have questions. This may sound stuipid…could you explain the muscle control techniques that are recommended?
    I have tried laying on my side; back; breathing slowly and I feel nothing. I dont quite understand the techniques of muscle contractions. I am getting very frustrated, especially reading that some it takes some individuals several months to achieve "O." It also sounds like these techniques are dependent on achieving certain mental states (ex. yoga, mediation, etc.)

  3. Hello Asian6920,

    Rest assured that your questions are not stupid. In fact, I did not understand about contraction technique or strength when I started six months ago. The first thing to realize is that there are two different types of contractions: anal, whch pull the aneros into the anus and rectal, which push the aneros out. The second thing to realize is that the contractions are much more gentle than you probably think. If you feel that you are pushing hard, you are pushing too hard. You are just going to have to experiment. This will get easier as your muscles strengthen.
    As far as mental state, you don't need to be versed in yoga or meditation. What is absolutely essential, however, is relaxation. If you are uptight or anxious, I guarantee that nothing will happen. Relax, take a long hot shower, and take your time. One suggestion is to try what is known as the "do nothing method." By this I mean that you should lube up well,lay still, maybe on your back, and relax. Eventually your sphincter and anal canal will relax and you should feel some slight movement of the aneros. Resist the urge to contract and just enjoy the new sensations. You will learn how the smallest sensations build towards the Super O.
    Another obsevation based upon my personal experience: don't be startled by the physical and emotional changes you may experience. The process of "rewiring" can be intense and slightly uncomfortable, but it is worth it. Eventually, your muscles and nerves will adjust and the symptoms subside.
    In a nutshell, relax, don't expect too much too soon, and savor each new sensation. Rest assured that the rewards are great. Take care, keep in touch.


  4. Hi Charlie:

    Thank you so very much for your response. You have clarified several misconceptions on my part. I was under the impression that I would literally feel the Helix move as I initiated my anal contractions. I will try the hot shower and laying on my back. Do I have to have my leg(s) in a certain position while laying on my back?


  5. Hello Asian,
    I keep my knees bent, feet flat on the bed. Give that a try. Good luck,

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