I'm relatively new to this with about a dozen or so attempts under my belt so far. No super O's, no mini O's, no involuntaries yet. But I'm having fun, so don't mind the pursuit. Last night, I started off on my back with knees bent. Actually, I went to several positions over the course of about a half an hour. Then, I went on my right side with left leg bent at 90 degrees. I remembered reading about the "letting go" and somehow (while I was doing some light contractions) managed to go "somewhere inside myself" to the point I was able to focus on the feeling of the Helix on my prostate in a way I hadn't been able to before. I also had a pretty good pornographic image locked into my mind. Suddenly, I felt the building of sexual tension — so I kind of went with it. Ultimately, it felt like I would shoot a load, which of course, I knew I shouldn't do. So I held on to my contraction (the one that keeps you from ejaculating) and squeezed harder, and harder to keep from coming. The feeling was electric. I was literally gripping the edge of the mattress with all my might and smacking my head against the pillow as I continued to hold that contraction and refused to cum. Every muscle of my body was engaged. This went on for about 45 to 60 seconds. I guess you could kind of liken it to riding a big wave. I ultimately let go of the contraction and let go of everything so I could relax.

I immediately felt the sheet below to see if I had ejaculated. There was a small bit of seminal fluid, but it was really miniscule. I had a few involuntary contractions that immediately followed the experience — and then nothing.

I started over again to see if I could reproduce this experience, but about five minutes into it, I knew I was too tired, and figured it was best to go to sleep with the good memories of what had just occurred.

Can any experienced users give me an idea about what I experienced last night? Does this put me any closer on the journey to experiencing the involuntaries, a mini O or a super O?