But Wait! That's not all you get!

First a big thank you is due to B Mayfield, Buster, Darwin, Onthepath, Rumel,grateful and many others too numerous to mention! I have been meaning to do this for about a week but all my free time has gone into rewiring courteous of my Helix and MGX. I am fully addicted and have been averaging about 2.5 sessions per day, whenever I have had a free hours time. Too much you say….not for the full addicted.

After working my way through full body muscle contractions and a host or other detours, I was finally able to get anal contractions going about 4 days ago.

But Wait! That’s not all you get!

I have been to the edge in several sessions and have had a nice taste of the p waves but not the Super O and it still alludes me. I have put a days rest in between sessions several times but my addiction won’t let me do more than that. I’m working every other day so I just have too much free time.

But Wait! That’s not all you get! Call tonight and you get …..

Last night I started a session that lasted until 3AM. Started out on my back with the Helix and had beautiful involuntary contractions going very soon after insertion. I was super turned on but still couldn’t get over the edge. Had to take several breaks just to let my muscles recover. For the third try I rolled over on my stomach and had my most intense set of contractions which must have lasted 20-30 minutes. Again, I felt that I was on the very edge and things just couldn’t get more intense. If they had to get more intense than that, I just couldn’t handle it. I finally gave up, considered a wet ejaculation but was so tired that I just removed the Helix and drifted off to sleep.

But Wait! That’s not all you get! Don’t call us we’ll call you….

Sometime later I awake to a tight feeling in my pc muscles and a small sensation in my prostate area. Having read several times not to ignore the slightest new feeling, I reached for my turn on buttons (nipples). Too soon, feeling goes away. But comes back shortly and I just let it build on its own. Turns into a warm feeling that overcomes my entire body, no erection, precum oozes out and my nipples get hard. It builds up for a minute or two and fades away. I comes back about 9-10 more times, sometimes more intense, sometimes less. It was not like the p wave I had experienced before, more like and intense sexual wave. I hear the clock strike 2AM and I have a slight headache and am really tired. So as number 10 starts I play with my nipples and get a raging, throbbing erection.
You don’t get many of these at my age so I decide to take advantage of it just to get the some sleep.

But Wait! That’s not all you get! How about the most intense ejaculation of your life!


  1. Seemed to hang on the edge forever and when I finally came it was incredibly intense and must have cleaned out the pipes going back twenty years.

    But Wait! That’s not all you get! At no additional cost to you……..

    Woke up with a hard on and mini shocks that are still going on at 11AM as I write this. I don’t think this was a Super O but who cares, the last three weeks have been the most intense sexual experiences I have ever enjoyed! Thanks to everyone for showing me the path.

    Best $104.95 I ever spent!!!!! It transports you to places you’ve never been before!

    Don’t need to search for the Super O any more, I know it will find me.


    PS. Appears you can't edit a blog. Please forgive the grammatical errors in the first post, I was still on the high from the Aneros

  2. Hi insearchof,

    What a great post! A good time was had, that is the most important. I think the line that you said about you dont think it was a Super O but you didnt care, but these are some of your most intense sexual experiences ever really says a lot about what the Aneros experience is about. It really can be about so much more than anyone would have thought going in.

    I appreciate the kind words and am thankful that I could help in any way to get you to where you are today. It just keeps geeting better.


  3. Wow, insearchof! I have found a brother in intensity! What a great description. We are on an adventure indeed. There are so many "But Waits" involved in this. I still consider myself a newbie and will be blessed if you continue posting your path. It sure is helpful to be able to walk (or skip)through this with others. grateful

  4. After 2 days of abstaining from touching any of the sensitive parts of my body except for necessary bodily functions, I was all set to execute Plan A. But somehow my body decided to execute Plan B.

    Plan A:

    Go to bed at 9:30 and get a good nights sleep sans Helix.

    Do a Helix session for about an hour in the morning.

    Plan B:

    Go to bed at 9:30.

    Wake up an hour later and do 5 echo events of previous session 2 days ago. No erection, no precum, just a little tingling in the perineum to let rightful owner of body know who's really in charge.

    Return body to rightful owner and allow him to go back to sleep.

    Take charge of body again and wake it up between 1 and 2 AM with tingling in perineum. Let the tingling build to a wave that envelops the whole body leaving everything feeling like it is electrically charged. Get a firm erection, continuously ooze precum, and get super erect nipples. Hold this for some unspecified amount of time and gradually fade to a lower level.

    Repeat this 8 or 9 times except with no erection and lesser intensity.

    Return control of body to blown-away, rightful owner.

    Let rightful owner sleep on this and try to figure out how to duplicate this event.

    Plan A did get executed starting at about 07:30 and went on for 2 hours.
    but I could not duplicate the event. The closest I got was to get the tingling from the abdomen down, but there was no overwhelming pleasure wave. I experienced this only after removing the Helix and relaxing for 10 minutes. I started getting a buzz in the perineum and decided to insert the MGX and after working with it very gently, the tingling ran down my legs but I couldn't get it to propagate to my upper body. I guess I am still to up tight when the MGX or Helix is in me. It is always after removal and getting totally relaxed that delicious things just happen! Wow I love these things!


    No longer searching – just enjoying the journey

  5. Well it finally happened early on 22 April and the keys to the back door were right there under the door mat after all. I started what turned out to be about a 2 hour session with the Helix at about 7AM. When the involuntary anal contractions got too tense I started deep breathing and allowed the intensity to die back. Then I would start the anal contractions going again as gently and as slowly as possible. After several attempts I finally went over the edge and everything totally relaxed and I just laid back and enjoyed it.

    I finally decided to get up and shower with the Helix still in me. The 10 steps to the bathroom were another whole new experience. I could feel another wave coming and I knew I was in for another major surprise. I got down on my knees spread my cheeks and placed my forehead on the floor. This was a really intense position and the Helix required about 2 contractions to start another much more intense orgasm. It probably lasted for about 10 minutes and I finally started the shower to hide the noises I was starting to make.

    The movement to turn on the shower started another orgasm coming so I got down in the same position in the tub that I had been in on the floor. The streams of water running down my back from the shower, plus some nipple stimulation sent me into the strongest orgasm yet and I now understood why others have mentioned using a washcloth in the mouth to stifle the groans and moans coming from deep within your body. It got to the point that each touch of my nipples sent my upper body into wonderful muscle contractions. I don’t know how long this second orgasm lasted, you just get lost in the enjoyment of it. It was an effort to relax enough to get the Helix out of me. My body really wasn’t done with it yet. I’m sure there would have been many more orgasms to come but I just had to terminate the session. I was on an intense high until early afternoon. Only now can I fully understand what others have been writing about.

    One thing that I missed was the wonderful p waves. I haven’t felt them since I woke up from a sound sleep one night after a session. I was under the impression that they were normally part of a Super O. Doesn’t really matter, I’ll take anything my body sends my way at this point.

    Insearch of

    No longer searching – just enjoying the journey.

  6. Hey Insearchof –

    Great BLOG on your sure and steady move into a Super-O. The shower scene was too much, and reminded me of when I was sitting in a chair, watching some porn, and working on a sensation. I got this wave and decided I would fall to the floor to get a better angle with the Aneros firmly in place. It just felt to good for words.

    I'm hoping that I can find the "trip-wire" to the Super-O this weekend, but you never know what will happen.


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