My journey begins………

So, I thought I'd share my journey of discovery here to hopefully contribute to the collective, as well as learn from other users.

I have had my Helix for about a month now, and have had about 5 sessions with it. I have not yet experienced an orgasm, but have definitely noticed some wonderful sensations and have begun discovering some of the more subtle muscular movements.

I have been very sexually-oriented person since childhood, and started masturbating at the age of 5, in the form of rubbing on my bedpost. Since then, I've tried just about everything under the sun, but, of course, the majority of it was (is) "penile-centric".
I'm now 41, married to the same woman I started dating 22 years ago, and we are mutually expanding our sexual horizons.
I started reading books on Tantric / energetic / spiritual sexuality about 5 years ago, and began experimenting with perineum massage in combination with penile masturbation, which is what spawned my desire to learn more about prostate and perineum orgasms.
I also began learning about the incomprehnsible scope of the female orgasm (beyond the normal orgasm) at this time, and have learned of the female prostate in the process. Although the female prostate (g-spot) is located in a different place (it surrounds the urethra), it can be massaged in much the same way that the male prostate can be massaged to bring on new levels of enjoyment, beyond the typical rocket-O associated with the g-spot.
It is interesting that I am now a fledgling student in this pleasure for myself, after having learned (and continuing to learn) how to bring about ecstatic prostate orgasms for my wife.

Here's a synopsis of my brief journey thus far……

I opened the new Helix with great anticipation, after having stopped on the way home from work to buy an enema.
My wife and son were out of town, so I had the house and the evening to myself.
I had not done much research about methods and such, and relied on the (vague and brief) instructions that accompanied the Helix to get started.

I showered, then administered a fleet enema (saline).
Once my rectum was nice and clean, I filled the empty enema bottle with olive oil – our sexual lube of choice (more later) – and dosed about 25% of the oil into my rectum.
After a few minutes, I lubed the Helix (which I had warmed in a sink full of hot water) with a thick coat of olive oil and inserted it.

My expectations were (unrealistically) that I would immediately be driven to a blissful peak, but, of course, this was not the case.
Because the instructions did not elaborate about methodology, I laid on my side with my knees pulled up and started playing with various muscular contractions almost immediately – no relaxation, and no "warm up" contractions. The helix floated very nicely in the olive oil, and I definitely sensed that this thing had some potential. But, nothing major. Not surprisingly (due to the quick start up), I was very aware of the lump in my ass. I messed around with it for about an hour then masturbated conventionally with the Helix in place. Very nice penile orgasm, and the desire to try again soon.

A few days later, I had read the online instructions on the website. The info offered a significant enough elaboration on the methods that I was really keen to give it a go. However, I had not read any forums at this point, so I was still under the false impression that I'd be in a blissful state in an hour or less.
After the requisite cleanse and lube, I was on my side and doing the relaxing, warming up, and steady pressure exercises.
MUUUUUCH BETTER. Still no O, but numerous body-tensing, teetering on the edge, "oh, god, that feels nice" moments. The feelings came and went, with no major pre-O buildups.
At this point I still had no clue about the perineum tab needing to be dry.

'nuff said…….

Did the whole prep session, but used K-Y to try something new.
I normally don't like using chemical lubes, but K-Y is less offensive than many of the others (IMO).
The Helix inserted smoothly and floated nicely, but no better than with the olive oil. perhaps a blend next time?
I relaxed with long, steady breaths for 10-15 minutes. During this time, I could feel some very pleasant but very subtle sensations from the helix. I warmed up with 25-30 contractions, then held my sphinchter at about 50% for a few minutes. After this, I toyed around with subtle muscular variations (no involuntary stuff happened in the 2-3 minutes, perhaps I need to hold it longer?). I could really feel the tip rubbing along my prostate and found great sensations with holding it steady in the middle. I would do little twitches, etc to vary the pressure, and felt like I was beginning to head in the right direction. Still no orgasm, but I now know that I'm not supposed to lube my perineum (after some post-session lurking on the forum). I'm looking forward to my next session, and will try the towel corner method of keeping my perineum dry and the little stem where it needs to be. Woohooo. More soon!!!!!!