Sessions 6 and 7, plateau

Okay, so I've tried to use a washcloth to keep the tab in place, and I haven't really noticed any improvement. My perineum still gets sore, but not quite as much. I think I will try to pinpoint my perineum "spot" and check the alignment of the tab.
I definitely enjoy my sessions, but nothing major to note at this point.
When I do experience the pleasureable sensations, they seem similar to when I need to pee, but deeper.

Okay, time to go get ready for another session……..



  1. I wouldn't worry too much about your perineum getting sore, mine was fairly sore in the beginning as well. I'm just now getting to the point where it doesn't hurt if I use little to no padding, 3 months later. I never tried using a wash cloth, I usually use one or two-sheets of quilted toiletpaper folded up, which absorbs any stray lube and acts as a cushion, you should try it sometime if they wash cloth method isn't working out.

    Also, don't worry about not feeling anything major at this point, it took me a little while to get decent results, and I'm still progressing. The sensations will become more than just the feeling of deep urination, it'll get quite pleasurable.

    Hope things really progress for you quickly!

  2. Try cutting the end off the finger of an old leather glove and covering the P-tab with that. This helped my soreness problem. Hopefully you'll be in the throes of so much bliss that you won't notice any discomfort!

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