I'm trying to use this site, but not sure how Please come back so I know I know how to communicate.


  1. Hi Whipped,

    The blogs area is a great place for you to put down some of your thoughts about your progress or about your frustrations. If you use the same blog all the way through going back and adding comments to it, it is a great resource for you to go back and refer to later. It also gives others a place to comment on what you are going through and trying to accomplish.

    I hope that helps. My blog is pretty long!


  2. thanks buster for the come back. I am having some trouble with my new Helix. For some reason it doesn't seem to hit the same spot as my sgx. I plan on trying for a while. Do you have any ideas? Thanks Whipped

  3. Hi Whipped,

    Which one hits it right? Which ever one does, stick with that one for now. I do not own a SGX but I have heard others talk about the fact that it is different in size. Once you become Super Orgasmic, it should not matter too much which model you use. The issue is getting there.

    Good luck with your practice, you'll get there with some patience.


  4. Hi Buster,
    You're right about thr blogs. I just had the best session ever. I want to put my Helix back in as soon as I take it out. How long have you gone with it in? I have been sleeping with it at nite and love waking,doing a few crunches then back to sleep, but I don't want to reck the feeling if I overdo. They sure are addictive. I'm trying to get used to this blogging thing. Have a great"O" Whipped

  5. Hi Whipped,

    So it sounds as though it is the Helix that hits you the best. Stick with it (it sounds as though you are doing just that). The longest that I have chosen to keep any Aneros inserted (except for my experimention with sleep) is a couple of hours. After that long, I am ready for a break. I am sure everyone can handle different durations, but be careful.

    I am glad your sessions are getting better. Take care.


  6. Hi Buster,
    I decided to take a couple of days off from my Helix. I was afraid I would reck the enjoyment if I used it too much. Tonite is the nite . When something feels that good you tend to overdo it. I'm hoping tonites session proves me right. Absents makes the prostate grow fonder. I'll let ya know.

  7. Hi Buster,
    sorry to bother you again but I had a question for you. How important is lube for the super"o" I usually just lube up my Helix but was wondering if adding some up the anus would increase the pleasure. I just worry about the mess that might create. Any input would be great thanks Whipped

  8. Whipped,

    Let me put my two cents in. Lube is extremely important inside. The aneros needs to be able to move smoothly. I have taken the chance on buying marksman lube from aneros, and damn it is just the right amount and easy to use. No I am not a sales man for aneros. But whatever you do use extra lube inside, I have found that the better quality the lube the better the results.


  9. mwhoim,
    Thanks for the advise. I just had a session last nite and I was well lubed, I stopped myself before cumming and when I relaxed my anus started to quiver, WOW I am finding all kinds of ways to enjoy my toy!!! I still haven't had a dry O yet but I vigure I'll get there. It is amazing that I now have no desire to masterbate anymore. The internal orgasms are so much better. Keep in touch. Whipped

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