Have now tried Helix and Progasm

Well I have now had the chance to try out my new models. The Helix, and the Progasm. Let me begin by saying I have only had minimal success with any model. The very first time I tried the SGX I got a nice tingling in my anus and a kind of light kissing response from my anus, but was never able to repeat that. I have read so much about aneros taking over and doing its own thing to massage the prostate, but never really understood what that was like.

Last session I cleaned up used marksman lube as an interal lube and then lubed the Helix with ID Millenium (found it to stay slipprier longer, even if it takes more to clean it up) I inserted Helix and relaxed. I started slow clenching of the anal muscles and found that there were more muscles I was using, I guess they are called the PC muscles, the ones by the Perineum. It took about 15 or 20 minuets but then I began to feel a kind of pulsing in my penis, not my anus or the PC muscles but in my penis like it was bobbing on my body. I have to admit I wanted to get back to the body shutters I had experienced the very first time I used the SGX, (nothing since)so I concentrated very hard on what I was doing. The pulsing in my penis began to grow very slowly, and I could start to feel something, what I was not sure in the area of my prostate. It was vague and undefined. After about 40 minutes I decieded I was not free enough so I put a pillow under my bent leg (legs were in position as noted in the instructions). It began to feel much more comfortable, and I could feel myself relaxing even more than I had been. I felt a quiver in my body much like I had the first time I used the SGX, not as strong, or as long lasting but definately there.

When I bought the Helix I also got the Progasm. I was eager to find out how that felt inside of me, despite the fact the size of it put me off a bit. I was well lubed inside so I put ID Millenium on the Progasm and tried to swap it with the Helix. At first I thought there is no way this is going to work, I will never get this in me, but it surprisingly slipped in with just a very little bit of effort. Within 10 or 15 seconds I knew I could feel my prostate for sure, and that is the very first time I knew it. The pulsing in my penis began almost immediately, and withing 3 or 4 minutes I could feel a wave passing in me and through me. This was not on the level of a penal orgasm, but still extremely pleasant feeling. This wave lasted for a minute and passed but returned three more times. I am going to say I had a series of mini-O's.

The problem with knowing what to call what is happening comes from the fact that you have not experienced anything like this before, and if it is a super – O how can you know for sure, that the feeling will not or does not continue to grow and increase. I know this pleasure was not on a par with normal penal orgasm but I will take them anytime, for there are repeated levels of them. The panting breath, the shuttering all over my body, and the tingling in my anus and a bit (but only a bit) in my penis was still wonderful. If you have anything to suggest to me, please do, I do absolutely LOVE the Progasm, I guess I was in need of the "full" feeling that it gave me, and the exquisite caresses it gave to my whole internal colon system including and centering on my prostate.

I will be trying the Progasm again soon, but I will start with either the Eupho or the Helix first, to see if I can duplicate the sensations with those models first, and then (so to speak) save the best for last.



  1. Mwhoim,
    I totally understand your feelings. I have never been one to make noise during sex but I can't help myself with my Helix. Do you think the Progasm is worth the investment? I read these blogs and can't help but get support for my feelings. I know there are others out there having the same feelings as me!! Enjoy your new"toy" Who would have thought, WOW Whipped

  2. I myself really enjoy the Helix and Euphos. I don't like to have favorites, but for me the Helix works wonders. I also use the Progasm, but usually in addition and at the end of a session. I have been on this journey for almost two years, and still discover new feelings with new techniques and positions that I try. I like to try all the different positions and techniques that everyone suggests. Some work great, some not. But that is normal. Everyones body is created different. We are just trying to get the same wonderful feelings for our own pleasure and enjoyments. Enjoy Nood

  3. It's great that the Progasm works well for you, my first experience with the Progasm can only be described as painful. It has taken me so many months for things to stretch out enough that the Progasm doesn't cause me pain anymore. I still prefer my Helix to the Progasm, but that might change down the road.

    Your mini-o description sounds quite interesting, I don't think I've experienced that myself. Only thing close to that was a couple times I've felt endorphin waves pass over my body, it kind of felt like slipping into a warm bath if I remember right. Either way, congrats on something new, anything new is always good news!

    Good luck!

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