I had two sessions this morning. Prior to the first session, I took some Avena Sativa, L-Theanine, and ate a small piece of dark chocolate, which one of the forum members recommended to increase the intensity of the experience. The first, shorter session, was so-so. It was pleasureable, but was only a portent of what was to come.

I gave it about an hour and a half rest and then started up again. This time, it built up to a high plateau. I used my favorite position – on my back. At first I just lay quietly and tweaked my nipples. That gave me a real tingly feeling in my crotch tha grew in intensity. The defining characteristic of this session was that I felt as though I was perched on top of the Aneros, that it was deliciously teasing me. I wanted to be deeply penetrated, but stayed with the teasing and it was as though the Aneros was dancing on my prostate.

I had a lot more twitching in my anus this time, as though it were sucking the Aneros in an out rapidly. At the peak, I was breathing in small sharp breaths and writhing in ecstasy. I guess maybe this qualified as multiple "mini Os", because it sure felt good. I finally ended the session, thinking I could go on like that all afternoon. But I'm sitting here in the warm afterglow of my session, looking forward to future trysts with Mistress Aneros.

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  1. "I finally ended the session, thinking I could go on like that all afternoon."

    Heh, I love sessions like that. Especailly the ones you have to force yourself to end. Glad things are working out for you, can't wait to see what'll happen next. Good luck!

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