Very Nice Session

This session occurred last night when I went to bed. After my pre-session douche and lube-up, I lay down on the bed and started with the Eupho. This was only my second extended session with the Eupho. It is less filling than the MGX and the Progasm, so I expected that the action would be different. It has more movement than the others, and as the session progressed, I edged closer and closer to that area, where the pleasure comes in waves. I have found that nipple stimulation really enhances my sessions, creating an almost electric effect in the groin area.

After about an hour with the Eupho, I switched over to the MGX. It is becoming my favorite, though I would like to try the Helix to compare the two. The MGX nestles inside me, giving me very pleasurable feelings just lying still. I got into my preferred position, on my back with my knees bent and my feet flat on the bed. I have found that this position gives the most control and the greatest pleasure.

To this point, I have not experienced what is referred to on this forum as the "Super O", but I think I have reached a point of "mini Os". The MGX soon had me "on the edge", with successive waves of intense pleasure following one another. I am learning to explore the various motions and modalities of the MGX. Sometimes it has a feathery, teasing quality that lures you ever higher, and sometimes it invites you to bear down and push for that "deeper", more intense feeling. It's like learning to dance with a skillful partner.

I finally ended the session, not because I could not keep going and enjoying, but because I needed the sleep. I drifted off with a warm glowing feeling of satisfaction. Looking forward to future explorations with this lovely device.