Something new every time

The design of this device astounds me, as does the human body. I had a beautiful session last night (despite having a head cold). The waves of bliss were the perfect salve for the rigours of the holiday season. I settled in to the delicious warm feeling I get from the MGX, only to find after an hour, this time my prostate was tightening itself harder and harder into a knot, and then releasing itself with the most delightful and intoxicating fluttering which then grew into more ab-crunching energy coursing through my body, culminating in rock-hard erections, spurts of pre-cum and butt-tightening super Os. This particular set and chronology of sensations was new to me and it's wonderful to learn what the body has to teach.

I'm finding using Boy Butter lube (churn style) is working incredibly well. It slicks the Aneros nicely without having to use too much and stays slick for the whole session.