Day three and still no let-up

Well, last night was night three of my New Year's Aneros journey. As I'd really had at it the previous two nights, I was fatigued and thought I'd just do 90 minutes or so and get some quality rest. My body had other plans…

I inserted the MGX (my usual startup model) and settled back to enjoy the sensations. It was as if the previous night's session hadn't stopped. Within a few seconds, I was writhing in building ecstacy, and pretty soon had a long flood of orgasm. This went on for about half an hour, and I thought, "This is just ridiculous – where's it coming from?"

Given I was so primed, I wanted to see my reactions to the Maximus. I hadn't used it in at least a year as I often felt it was too cumbersome and leaden. I inserted this model and again, adjectives and superlatives fail me. Within seconds of inserting, I got that warm ball of glowing pleasure in my abdomen. This grew, surrounded my prostate and I could feel my entire prostate quiver in pleasure and harden and suck the Aneros in still further. At this point, every small movement of the Aneros was amplified. I was quickly elevated into the floating bliss zone and from there enjoyed a succession of Super O after Super O.

This went on for about two hours, and I was so tired, I had to stop, wanked myself to ejaculation (boy, was that a sheet-soaker!), took out the Maximus and settled to sleep. Exactly the same thing happened as the night before. I put my head on the pillow, curled up and tried to sleep. My left nipple brushed against the fabric of my T-shirt and sent a jolt of electricity through my body. I got a very hard erection and my butt hole again started the "gimme the Aneros!" twitch.

My curiosity was piqued: could I really be wanting more, or was it just aftershocks? I got out the Maximus, inserted it into my fluttering hole, sat up, duvet over the head and had another go. Once again, within seconds, it was a torrent of delicious energy running up and down my body, but this time, my arms and legs felt absolutely rooted to the mattress. I could hardly move my body as it was so bathed in pleasure. It was as if I was being pinned down by orgasm. It got to the point where I was saying, "Thank you, thank you" as each wave was so amazing.

And while my body felt heavy and pinned down, I also felt as if part of me was floating above it all. I don't think it was an out-of-body experience (I don't know if I believe in that anyway), but it was a curious mixture of weight and lightness.

Time once again seemed to disappear and I stayed like this for I don't know how long. Memory becomes blurred during this time.

As these feelings became ever stronger (I was surprised they could), I felt the urge to bear right down and ground my ass into the mattress. The warm ball of energy grew even stronger in my abdomen and spread out to my entire body, each cell and atom of me vibrating in ecstasy.

Now came the weird part: first, I felt this metronome beat going on – a bit like the thrusting action you get when you have sex or in the earlier part of an Aneros session – except that it wasn't engaging any muscles. It was a tightening and releasing that seemed to float above my body in a little pod of its own. This gradually got faster and faster and faster. And at this point, something even weirder: this changed into a spinning sensation – anti-clockwise – and went round and round. This was like a whirlwind of energy that seemed to be above my body.

The sensations and feelings at this time were astounding. I started to get worried as I thought at this point I must surely be overdoing it, but I figured if my body is still able to do it, it must need to do it, there must be a reason for this intensity. And again, during these periods of blissful elevation, I encountered forgotten memories, and again, they did not carry the emotional feelings that are usually associated with them, more that I just observed them, acknowledged them and let them rest.

This went on until 6am, and as I had to be up by 12, I had to make myself stop. This actually proved to be quite hard as I had to garner these intense energies and direct them into my already screaming cock and prostate. I felt the strong need to thrust and fuck, so got out the Fleshlight again and really pounding the end off that thing! The sweet relief at the end really did see me spent and exhausted. I sat there for a few minutes in wonderment at what had happened. I was shell-shocked and had feelings of huge gratitude and humility that such incredible things are possible.

I'm starting to get slightly frightened at the amount of pleasure we can feel. And I feel sad that I have no-one who can experience these amazing states with me at the same time. That would be awesome.


  1. You so capably capture the essence of the orgasms and as a result your postings are a tremendous resource. This is a fascinating journey your on and for me can be typical of a sort of monthly cycle. Lunar connections perhaps? May seem a bit weird nut who knows. Keep us opdated as to where the next adventure takes you!

  2. Sorry…….. "journey you're on" and "May seem a bit weird but who knows" you'd think I was the one that had the experience. No edit to be found :>)

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