9 Month Update

I haven’t posted a blog entry in a while as nothing really significant has happened during my sessions over the last 9 months. I still use the different Aneros models that I own on a regular basis and I’m still enjoying the sensations that I experience. If anything, it seems that the full body / pelvic contractions that I used to get on a regular basis have diminished somewhat. I’m not sure if that’s due to my perineum becoming desensitized or if I’m just entering another stage in my journey. As I usually look forward to the full body tingling that I get after the contractions stop, this has been somewhat of a disappointment to me. Most people, it seems, don’t like the contractions, but I look forward to them for that reason.

I’m trying to incorporate the Aneros into my masturbation sessions more to see if I can increase the pleasure in those sessions. The Extended Sexual Orgasm (ESO) book that I have mentions using the Aneros as an effective means to massage the prostate and stimulate the perineum while trying to achieve ESO rather than having your partner use their fingers to do the same thing. As has been the case for me in the past, having the Aneros inserted causes me to have a slow start with getting an erection. Once I do get one though, I don’t seem to be able to last as long due to the increased stimulation and pressure on the prostrate. It’s odd that the use of the Aneros causes me to go from one extreme to the other. I hope that with continued use, my body will become more accustomed to the sensations.

I ended up cutting off the handle of my Helix. That’s the only model that I’ve done that to. At first, I only cut off the part where it started to form the loop and then later lopped off the rest. With a nice sanding job using a file, it looks and feels as if it was made that way. Cutting off the handle hasn’t affected my Aneros-only sessions but it has certainly made it easier for me to masturbate with it.

I’ve also started using nipple stimulation during my masturbation sessions. At first, I didn’t like it because it caused an uncomfortable tingling in my penis. However, I found that when I edged with my Fleshlight and used a twisting motion with short up and down strokes, I felt some tingling in my penis. Adding in nipple stimulation just increased that sensation even more but in a pleasurable way. When using nipple stimulation at the edge, I have to be very careful how much I do it as it can easily send me over the top. If I’m really close to the edge, I can only handle a few strokes before I have to pull my finger away. I usually use one or two lubed fingers and gently stroke the nipple back and forth. Using more pressure doesn’t seem to do anything for me. I’ve tried to use nipple stimulation during my Aneros sessions but so far it seems to be more distracting than anything else. Plus, when I start having pelvic contractions, I can’t stimulate my nipples at all as my body is moving around too much. I’ll probably keep trying though to see if it will take me anywhere.

I haven’t used the Slightest Touch or Prostate Cradle that much in the past 9 months. The Slightest Touch doesn’t seem to increase my arousal and just seems to be an artificial way of generating anal contractions that are perfectly timed. Without the Slightest Touch, my anal contractions tend to vary in speed. Still it is fun to use on occasion as something different. With the Prostate Cradle, I no longer feel any discomfort when I use it on a hard surface. Again, I’m not sure if that is due to my perineum becoming desensitized or I’ve just increased the muscle strength in that area as the site contends. I did try masturbating with it while sitting on the toilet with the lid down. I was able to press down before the ejaculation started so as to keep the semen from being expelled but it felt strange and not really that pleasurable. And, once that happened, I entered the resolution phase just as if I had ejaculated normally. For me, once the ejaculatory contractions start, it doesn’t matter whether I’m blocking the flow of semen or not, I always enter the resolution phase. Rereading that section in the book though mentions that semen retention allows the pressure to remain which then allows another set of ejaculatory contractions to occur. However, when that happens, I usually don’t feel turned on anymore to resume stimulation. Perhaps I gave up on this technique too soon. I may try it some more. It certainly does feel strange. During each ejaculatory contraction, I feel the semen hit the tight muscles and then flow back before another contraction occurs. It’s not unpleasant, just different. I only wish I didn’t enter the resolution phase afterwards. Perhaps some experimentation as to when I resume stimulation will help with that.