Big Submarine

I got the Maximus recently to round out my collection. The only one I don’t have now is the SGX which I don’t plan to buy. I was curious to know whether I would feel anything different with the slightly larger size as compared to the MGX. The Maximus is in the middle of the range size-wise between the Progasm and the other smaller models. I knew from the similar design of the MGX that it would dive in pretty deep and I wasn’t disappointed. I call it the Big Submarine while the MGX is the Little Submarine. Perhaps the SGX could be called the Tiny Submarine!

Since I have used the Progasm before, inserting the Maximus only required a little more patience and waiting for my muscles to relax than when inserting the smaller models. Once inserted though, it dives right in and really presses into the perineum. Unlike when I first bought my MGX though, I didn’t feel any pain from the pressure. It felt very comfortable and full but not as full as the Progasm. I also liked how the diameter of the stem where it meets the base is small like the MGX. This seems to provide more gripping power and less likely that it will be expelled.

I laid on my right side as usual and felt the twitching of my left pectoral muscles. This is usually a precursor to the pelvic contractions that I experience. When the contractions started, they were strong and fast and lasted about a half a minute before dying down. I didn’t feel as much post-contraction tingling as I have in the past but it was still there.

After a while I switched to other positions. Partially lying on my side and more so on my stomach with the lower leg straight and the upper one bent always causes the contractions to go at a frenzy. My buttocks were contracting like crazy.

When I switched to lying on my stomach that’s when it really got wild. My body was contracting so much that I was bouncing up and down off of the bed and getting in some air time! Mind you that I was still in the prone position. It felt like I was on a trampoline and my body was just contracting in perfect rhythm. After the contractions died down, I felt blissful tingling waves and I was just laughing at how powerful the contractions were. I had a similar experience when I first got my MGX, only with that I was laying on my back.

I haven’t used the Maximus much, but I like it so far!

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  1. Great to hear your comments about the Maximus. I had this model for a while but never really liked it. The last couple of nights though has seen a different scenario with this being my model of choice. I find the moment I insert it, I get energy shooting up and down my body. It's quite aggressive in the way it finds the prostate and gives it a good workout.

    There's something strange about the way this gives you Super Os: it seems as if you approach the Super O from the top and fall down into it, whereas with the MGX, there's an upward glissando into the Super O. Two delightful but very different experiences.

    My only criticism of the Maximus is the construction of the P-tab which I find too sharp and have to pad considerably to make it comfortable, as for me, the effectiveness of the Maximus makes you draw the device further into you with consequent extra pressure on the perineum.

    I want to send the maker of this device a gift hamper as a small token of my orgasmic appreciation!

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