I use my MGX for BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperlasia) therapy when I need relief from the narrowing and urgency as baseline Aneros use.

Rewiring and exploring the sensations and orgasm levels through Aneros use have been quite a ride through 2007. I added KSMO (Key Sound Multiple Orgasms) quite soon after starting with Aneros. The two methods together unleashed a lot of energy flows and mrs. artfom and I have had some wonderful times with all this.

Early here in the Aneros Forum I gave some of my background and particularly the experiences in my youth that I called Intellectual Orgasms. Recently a fellow member of the KSMO Forum challenged me to compare that experience with Crown Centred Orgasms in the Tao traditions and techniques and I did pursue Tao with some successes in the early 1990s. For a variety of reasons I let that practice lapse for about a decade and a half. Now I need to step back and clarify what has been happening, from what previous rewiring and where I am headed next.

I hope anyone and everyone with any resonant experiences or questions will help me through this rethinking and I look forward to that as I continue with Aneros and the other disciplines/opportunities.

As we rewire, so shall we be reconnected.