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Since this is the first entry i shall introduce myself. I allready did that in a forum post, so i'll just copypaste that:

I don't know if this is that unusual, but I discovered this whole meditative hands free prostate stimulation thing on my own, before I even heard about the aneros. I was 15 or so. English classes were very boring, but my teacher was hot. So i stared at her, undressing her in my mind and flexed those muscles. What I discovered changed my life. Finally I had a meaningful activity I could do in school. Since I spend a lot of time in school, I really could improve my technique.

When I'm really horny and relaxed the sensations I can archieve are similiar to what aneros users discribe. I get those involuntary convulsions and my state of mind is completely altered. I feel like I am just a big prostate and there's nothing on my mind but that incredible buzzing and twitching. Unfortunately this state isn't very sustainable after 20 min or so it goes away. I don't think I already experienced what you call the Super-O. I just need something that helps me to keep going; something that pushes me over the edge.

So of course I was very excited when I first heard about the aneros. This is just what I need! I ordered the Helix recently and am eagerly waiting for the package to arrive. After all I have read and considering that I already have a few years of experience with prostate stimulation, my expectations are very high. Hopefully not too high… Were you all prostate novices or are there people here who have had the same experiences as I before buying the aneros? What will happen?

Well, the Helix arrived yesterday. I have to say it was kind of a laydown. For the time being I can do much more without the Aneros then with it. I had 3 "sessions" so far.

The first one was yesterday afternoon. I was basically just feeling very full and even though I tried hard the Aneros wasn't really moving. I gave up after an hour or so and decided to try it again at night. There was also a technical problem. I found it difficult to stay lubricated, so I just shoved 4 syringes of lube up my ass, during the session. That was a big mistake. It thought the lube just dried out, but instead it moved up deep into my guts. My intestines where making strange noises the rest of the day and I was leaking. I think I should try the condom method next time.

A few hours later I went to bed and inserted the Aneros. The feeling of fullness was less bad this time. Also I found that the darkness really helped. At night I could relax better and visualize what was going on in my ass and other arrousing things far better. So I made some progress. The first thing I noticed is why this thing is called Helix. It's completely impossible but it felt like the Helix was not also moving up and down but also rotating, like a corkscrew. My muscles then had a very firm grip on the Aneros. So I tried to go farther. I made my muscles tremble involuntarily quite a lot and then I came to this point where my prostate starts buzzing. I think it's the feeling that somebody on the forum compared to the feeling you get from stretching a muscle. I already know this buzzing from my experiences without the Aneros. For me this is the crucial moment, if I'm able to sustain this buzzing by visualizing my prostate and squeezing very gently, it will build and soon it won't by just a buzzing but instead my prostate will jumps around incontrolable – it feels really good. I also leak a lot of cum then. The problem is that with the Aneros inserted I just feel the Aneros and can't feel my prostate. I get this buzzing but I can't locate, visualize and concentrate on it, since the Aneros distracts me. Also the Aneros allows for less free movement of my prostate. Another problem I had is that when involuntary contractions occur in my ass and it starts feeling good my PC muscle contracts really hard too and this breaks my concetration and distracts my focus from my ass to my penis. I thing the reason might be that I did PC exercises. My PC muscle is pretty strong. For the prostate stimulation I did without the Aneros that was an advantage. I usually started with flexing my PC very fast and this induced involuntary contractions of the PC . I would then direct the center of those contractions to my perineum and then slowly up my ass. Then my prostate would start jumping around as I discribed above. The problem with the Aneros is that it's hard to direct the focus away from my penis and into my rectum, since as soon as I archieve it my PC will kick in again.

I had another pretty uneventful session this afternoon. The Aneros felt more awkward then the night before. Resting and relaxing didn't really help so I just started flexing my mucles which made me feel better. I made some progress but it was still hard to control my PC and I soon gave up.

Even though I am kind of disappointed, I really feel like great pleasure is waiting for me and I'm looking forward to reinserting tonight. If I only manage to control my PC and really relax the next session will be great.

Now that was quite a big first entry. Thanks, for reading all this. I hope somebody can relate to my problems and give me some good advice.