ed's journey

i am a 64 year old male with everything in working order–i was reading the web about the male g spot when i came across the name of aneros–well, all i can say is that reading the posts and threads, etc i ordered the mgx–while waiting for its arrival i was in a sex shop and asked if they had any aneros massagers–i wanted the helix but all they had was the progasm, and at a good price–i thought about it and said no, went to lunch, thought oh what the hell and went back to buy it, even though i didn't think it would be right for me–i was right–i'm a first time anal play guy and it was not right for me–anyway after a lot of difficulty inserting it i tried to follow the aneros directions and those of the forum–not much happened–i had trouble identifying the different muscle groups i needed to control and had trouble moving the progasm–mostly i tried to relax and then tried a few contractions but didn't know an anal from a pc contraction–but i will try again another day