ed's journey

well my mgx arrived and i've been using it instead of the progasm–it's been very tough going with not much to show–i've tried the breathing with the anal contractions–the held pc contraction–the do nothing and relax for an hour–the try to sleep with it in–i don't touch my penis–i do get a lot of precum but no orgasm feeling or feeling of well being–nothing seems to be working–i thought that i may not be aroused enough at the beginning–i try not to think too much–i try different positions– i took several days off in between sessions–maybe finally something is happening–twice in the morning when i woke up without the mgx in i have felt something new which i can not explain–it sort of feels like a twitch somewhere down in the groin area, although i cannot locate it precisely–i know that it's not my anal group–i feel a slight twitch which i sort of think is in the head of my penis, or sometimes i think it is in my right leg next to my scrotum–sort of like the bump i get when i have the mgx in and i twitch my pc group–but not exactly the same–i cannot make it happen myself–it has to happen by itself–anyway it is nice to finally be getting something unexplained–the first time i woke up to this i did a session but nothing really much happened–today i woke up with the same feeling but i have not had a session yet–i'm trying to put at least two days between sessions and it's too soon yet–maybe tomorrow i'll try it again–hope i awake with the same or a new feeling–my first sessions were every day and hours long–maybe that affected the results, or lack of results–maybe there is some "rewiring" taking place and it needs time to happen–i'm still optimistic–ed