Possible IO link

I have described my youth experience of Intellectual Orgasms, non-ejaculatory full body Super-Os with vivid mental imagery and "through the body" travel earlier in the Forum and I will add the fuller description here soon.

The great thing, if it means anything and repeats and builds, is that I have recently had a spontaneous happening that may be part of that kind of circuit reconnecting or newly forming. I was doing some mental work that I enjoy a great deal that involved working on the best patterning for the synthesis of several ideas and, having achieved a breakthrough, I suddenly had a qi energy type of blossoming in my brain. Immediately, as that bloomed fully, I had a large energy bloom in the whole lower abdomen exciting all the key points there. Both quickly diffused throughout the body and disappeared as anything specific while leaving me tingling all over. Who knows what's next?

The gut and the interconnected sexual apparatus, particularly the anal/colon/prostate/perineum we focus on here, is all part of our Second Brain (see the book by Michael Gershon MD which deals with nervous disorders of the stomach and intestines) which we here at Aneros, and others at KSMO, TAO SKF, and other disciplines, are exploring from the pleasure-focused southern end of the same system. The connections to the head brain, our consciousness, and wider body consciousness and overall integration of "being in the world" are ripe for much stronger reconnection and the transcendental possibilities for us all. What? What do you think?

…as we rewire, so shall we all be reconnected…