Couples Sessions

With mrs. artform now enjoying the arousal stimulation of the Slightest Touch, and our preferred positions enabling her to simultaneously massage my prostate, we both reach an energetic orgasmic plateau or zone, miniOs, waves, Calm Seas Super Os and more, and enjoy for an hour and a half or two before she ejaculates gloriously. I can now get to the OZone just as easily with the MGX in rather than her massaging and that variety is a great addition for both of us.

I have mastered using the Key Sound silently to both store and trigger chi (qi) energy and particularly, using the Aneros for training, have learned to isolate the muscles around/moving the prostate to gently "polish the knob" or tip of my MGX, triggering orgasmic energy flows. The muscle memory can now be triggered to produce the same effect and sensation of polishing the knob without the MGX in. This has been paralleled by more focused individual control of the anal sphincters and related wall muscles, the perineum muscles, and other specific twitch sites.

However, these are all individual tools or techniques which we have found along the way, focused on our mutual lovemaking and mutual G-spot/prostate ecstasies. We haven't followed the Aneros or KSMO traditional journeys as individuals. We are trying now to begin that as two separate discipline paths for me (Aneros and KSMO) and KSMO for her, both boosted with Slightest Touch, and adding the third Qi Gong, which seems to be the centre of what our bodies are doing in response to this greatly heightened orgasmic energy. Everyday ecstatic bioenergetics? Well not yet since many other life events and activities… but more time on this as soon as possible!

Any thoughts or suggestions by those more knowledgeable and experienced are most welcome. We still feel like newbies.