ed's journey

boy!–everyone always said subtle was the word but i never guessed it would take such a subtle touch–i thought that the aneros movement would be felt as an in and out stroking movement, even if it were subtle, but to me, it is just a buzz in my ass hole around the massager–it doesn't feel like a movement but rather like a tickle–and i have to control it with my breathing because everything else is too gross a stimulation–it feels good though and i can hardly wait to progress to the point where i can call it heavenly–so now i know that only a very slight contraction is needed and has to be held while i control the movement with my breathing, all the while being as relaxed and focused as i can– i have the most success on my back with my hips pressed into the bed but i think the handle is contacting the bed, inhibiting the free movement of the aneros–more learning and practice is definitely needed but it looks as though it will pay off in the future–i think that when i get there i will probably look back and think it was obvious all the time and why didn't i know sooner