ed's journey

WOW!!–getting there finally!–started off session on my back with a small wadded towel under my belt line, albolene and swiss navy silicone on my mgx–no arousal–this time i pulled the p-tab up away from my ass to get it as high as i could, stuffed as much of my scrotum as i could under the tab and also buried it deep into my sweet spot–i did the rocking like going upstairs and then put my legs down on the bed, relaxed them as much as i could and held a very slight contraction–after relaxing and breathing very deeply way down in my abdomen, i started to feel twitches in my legs and a buzzing in my ass–this was finally it!–was able to keep it going long enough to get a different feeling around my ass and into my balls–very pleasant–kept it going for a few cycles–was mainly in my ass and balls, but every once in a while it sort of bounced up into my cock–it felt like my cock was filling and perking up, although i think it didn't really change much, it just felt like that a lot–lots of precum too–my ass would buzz and my balls would feel full, with a stroking feeling on my prostate, and then, bam, every once in a while the grip on the mgx would let go and it would bury itself deeply into my ass, but not continue stroking, just the repeat of the buzzing and stroking–now i know that the stroking is controlled by the contractions, but the contractions are controlled by the abdominal breathing, not by the muscles, as they are too gross a control, while the breathing is very fine–feel very confident now that i can continue progressing–finally stopped as i had to piss so bad, even though i had before i started this session

after pissing a ton, i thought that i could go back and repeat the last session, as i thought that i now had the tools i needed–i was correct, although i was interrupted by a phone call–any way, i lubed up the mgx again with albolene and swiss navy silicone, buried it deep as high up into my scrotum as i could and started out again as i had earlier–success–now what change did i make to get here?–was it the different position of the p-tab, the burying it so deeply, or the better control of my breathing and contractions?–well certainly the last two are always important, but i'm inclined to think that i also found my sweet spot and that it was not where the p-tab wound up on its own when i inserted it straight in– i'll have to try the old position again to verify this, but i think it's true–if so, maybe i should try to move the tab, although if i can hit the spot just by pushing it there and stuffing scrotum under it, i guess that would be ok–it all depends on whether i could get better results with the tab even farther up towards my balls–boy what a delight to find that i can control the contractions with my breath instead of my muscles!–that was certainly something that i can say, i should have found that out earlier, it was right in front of me–but the instructions all talk about the contractions and the breathing as though they are two separate things which must be applied together, not that you control the one with the other–this was a major discovery for me, along with the new, higher sweet spot location–i'm happier now!