ed's journey

added a little hot glue to the tab of my mgx, about 1/8 in, and put it inside a ping pong ball–got better response than without the glue but still seem to be stuck at the same place, namely when the feelings come i can't seem to relax any more to keep them going–it is very tantalizing when this occurs as it seems as though i could keep them going and get over the hump if i could stop tensing up a little with my legs–added another 1/8 inch of glue, i now have 1/4 inch on the tab–i wish i knew exactly where on the curved tab i should add it but i don't know what part of the tab contacts my body–is it simply the part of the tab opposite the stem or is it up the curve more because of the anatomy of the body there or the geometry of the tab pivoting in the rectum, thus contacting higher up the curve?–wish i knew

yesterday, 2 hrs after my session, i sat down to watch some tv and i got really pleasant echos from my workout–they were enjoyable and i was able to keep them going for about a minute or so–it felt like my prostate was engorging and pulsating

at midnight i went to bed and felt the same thing, but bam, at i a.m. i was lifted off my bed out of my sleep by the most intense action i've experienced so far, and then shortly after that ANOTHER one lifted me, jerking me up off the bed–they were like the earlier feelings but much more intense–they felt like my ass was turning inside out but extremely pleasant and enjoyable–then there were a bunch of lesser feelings like i had before i went to sleep–it felt like my prostate was thumping and engorged

now here is the thing—all this happened without the aneros and without willful trying–and i've never had a orgasm or anything before

now i did a dumb thing–instead of lying there to see what would come next i got my mgx, lubed and thought that with all this going on i would finally get the aneros going–wrong