Aneros arrived! 1st session

I received my Aneros today, and when I opened the package I was immediately impressed with the product – it seems very sturdy and well-made. The instructions that were included seemed to be fairly skimpy, and am glad that I was able to get more info off of the Aneros site.

After reading many posts on the Aneros forum regarding the tail modification, I decide to remove the tail (which was harder to do than I thought it would be – the plastic is very sturdy) and then filed the area I cut with a very fine file, until it seemed smooth like the rest of the Helix.

I was anxious to try out the Aneros right then and there, but decided to wait until I had some uninterrupted time to myself. I took a shower, applied baby powder to my perineum and lubed my ass and the aneros with the only lube I had handy (astroglide), and inserted the Helix. It went in a lot easier than I thought it would, and the p-tab seemed to hit just the right spot.

When I inserted it I didn't feel anything that stands out as an ultra-pleasurable experience – just a full feeling. I relaxed a bit with controlled breathing – trying not to focus on my ass or the Helix. I then started rubbing my chest and nipples and stomach lightly and my nipples got very hard. I still was not erect and did not feel sexually stimulated, so I decided to start playing with my penis a bit. When I started to get a hard I started to feel other sensations inside me. I felt a warm feeling in my groin and it started to feel as if someone was lightly licking my asshole. I continued to play with my nipples and my penis, as well as clenching and unclenching my ass a bit and then experimenting with other muscles in my groin area. I didn't get any involuntary contractions in my sphincter, but it felt really good when my body pulled the aneros in deeper. I masturbated until I ejaculated, and when I did cum the aneros started going in and out with my sphincter contractions, but stopped after I came. I lay there for a bit longer playing with my nipples and lightly brushing my fingers on my stomach etc.. I noticed that my cum contained some small harder snot-like material that I have not had in my cum for many years, since I was younger (I am 46 now), and there seemed to be a bit more than usual. I lay there for awhile more – playing with the aneros in my ass (hands-free) for awhile. When I decided to remove it my body did not want to give it up easily. When I pulled on it gently my body just pulled the Aneros deeper inside of me and would not let go, even with my ass relaxed, but of course it eventually came out.

I can tell that eventually my brain and body will learn to use the Aneros as others have, and it will be a lot of fun trying.