ed's journey

well, i took off the hot glue cause it was getting me nowhere where i had it located on the tab and tried it again without–nothing so i added hot glue to it again but in a different spot on the tab–better so i added more in the same spot–terrific—instead of adding the glue towards the stem i added it on the end of the tab, parallel to the stem, thus making it longer–i watched some aneros use on xtube to see the action of the tab on a guy's perineum and what part of the stem actually contacted it–well i was surprised as it used an entirely different area on the stem than i had supposed–so i added hot glue there and got immediate results–i felt a lot of movement, and movement that i could tell was movement, completely different than i had felt before–i could also extend the feelings without stopping them with too strong a contraction like before–so i am on the right track now as far as the tab is concerned, but i will keep experimenting with the amount and placement of the hot glue–it is hard to believe how much difference it makes as to where and how much the p-tab touches the perineum–it is the whole thing for me now, i believe