First,let me please thank all posters, for it was all of you who convinced me to take the leap and cross-over. I cannot begin to tell everyone how incredible my journey has hen. There has always been a real sense of truth in all the posts i`ve read. It for this reason I felt that I must continue to do what those before me have done,share their experience. I am new to this,I usually just lurk, so forgive me if I`m a little awkward at this. Last Friday night I had my first super-o !!! It`s been about 2 months since I began. My results mirrored very closely what others have said along the way. No matter what,every time I used my aneros,it was always a very pleasant experience. You will notice a gradual increase in pleasure as you continue to use the aneros, and little hints of what will come begin to develop. I kept reading the forums description of a super-o to help gauge where I was in the process,this helped me immensely along with the posts I`ve read. All I can tell you is that when it happened for me,it was the greatest sexual experience of my entire life. It`s the gift that keeps on giving too because I can make self orgasm at will now. That`s without the aneros even in. I`ve truly been rewired !!! But when I use my aneros the plateaus I reach cannot even be described. Thank you all so much for help in my new sexual discoveries.