ed's journey

boy, it seems now that my off days are giving me more pleasure than my sessions with the aneros–after a session whenever i sit or lie down i get delicious feelings in my prostate that are as good as or better than the ones i am able to generate with the aneros–they come on immediately when i sit and come to their peak in a very short time–they are always great feeling and i can keep them around for quite awhile–and no prelube or cleanup either!!–seriously, the between session time is very rewarding and provides a lot of progress in this journey of mine–i can more easily tell the location of each feeling, learn what controls it, and such, because i am not overwhelmed like when i have the aneros dart into my behind–i can picture my prostate pulsating and engorging and my ass hole fluttering open and closed–sometimes with the aneros in i can't tell what part of my anatomy is involved nor just what is really happening–yes, between sessions is very rewarding and educating