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well, this session was good–there was no dead time with no feelings–i prelubed with jelly and lubed the mgx with albolene–the tab had the 1/4 in hot glue and it was inside a ping pong ball–the feelings started almost immediately while i was on my back to relax–i think i have some good techniques now, that seem to be working–i found out today that when i fully relax and my legs start to tighten up or i have twitches shooting off all over them so i can't relax fully, i can slap or pat them on the upper part and the feelings will continue–the jiggling or slapping doesn't disturb the continuation of the buzzing or pulsating or whatever i'm experiencing– i used to wiggle my legs but the patting or slapping is better as it not only relieves the tension but also promotes the feelings–i can also lightly tickle my lower abdomen now to promote the feelings when i'm fully involved–the feelings are not self propelling yet but at least when they appear they do not go away because of what i do to relax further–for me, complete relaxation of the ass and legs is the key to starting and promoting any feelings in the prostate and balls, etc–


  1. Hello,

    Here's a tip about relaxting. Usually I spend a good amount of time massaging my g-spot down to the anus, before I start. This massaging really helps me to relax, and now I can acheive quite nice orgasms just with massage. While the aneros is inserted, try and massage around your g-spot and p-area. This whole area is very sensitive for me, and this extra attention is so very worth it. Try it, and see how it works for you. Nood

  2. thanks, i'll give it a try–i have been able to relax more in the last few sessions due to the hot glue i've added to the tab which revs me up a lot more as it digs in very aggressively into my p-spot–this makes it much easier to get to the edge and easier to feel the movement without over clenching my anus–thanks again, all help is gratefully accepted

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