I finally ordered an Aneros

One day I was surfing porn videos on xtube.com and saw a few videos of aneros users, and I was immediately intrigued.

I have already read the book "ESO: Extended Sexual Orgasm" and have been practicing edging on and off over the past couple of decades. I have also always been very aware of how my sphincter and anus feels when I am sexually aroused and also when I am ejaculating, and have practiced using my PC/Kegel muscles for awhile as well.

Another thing that I like to do, when I am aroused, is gently squeeze the head of my penis between my thumb and the first knuckle of my pointer finger, waiting about 2 seconds between each squeeze. While doing this I feel three "spasms" in my penis and sphincter. The first spasm happens in my penis which is then quickly followed by my anus constricting and then my penis flexing again. These are not huge spasm, but enough to feel really good. I don't have to be hard, just slightly aroused, for this pleasure to take place.

Originally I ordered a MGX, but right after I ordered I logged in to the aneros forum and found a poll that indicated that men had better luck with the Helix, so I canceled my order for the MGX and ordered a Helix instead. I just checked the tracking, and it should be here on Monday or Tuesday. I will try it when I get it and report my results from that session here in my blog.

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  1. Bonerowner,

    You will be quite amazed how the aneros can give you so much pleasure. I have the MGX and the Helix. They are both wicked! I have 4 models and they all have their own personalities. Whatever you do, try not to get discouraged if you have slow results. Have fun and enjoy the orgasms. It is so worth the time and effort. Peace, Nood

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