ed's journey

had a short session today– i've been having trouble which i thought was constipation, but turned out to be the start of a kidney stone forming–i've had this many times in the past but it has been so long since it has happened that i didn't recognize the symptoms right away like i used to be able to do–anyway after drinking a ton of water and having some small bms, i thought that it might be time for another session since i had skipped two days–well, the session wasn't earth shaking but it was good in that i could practice some techniques and strengthen some muscle control–also i had some feedback from a thread i started in the forum called "lack of aneros movement" and i wanted to see if any of the suggestions there were helpful to me–i guess i have had aneros movement which i didn't recognize as movement–the buzzing and the pulsating are caused by movement and not just the darting into my ass–i guess the movement is so small and so fast that it wasn't apparent to me that it was movement–there was still a lot of non movement in those sessions though, when nothing happened, so i think overall it is better for me to prelube before inserting the aneros–taking a day off in between sessions for some rewiring time and i will be working on controling the response contraction when the aneros darts into me so it doesn't overwhelm the darting