More Modifications & 2nd Session

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and my body seemed to crave the Aneros a bit, but I was too tired and went back to sleep.

Today I got an extra fine emery board and polished up my Aneros to a smooth glass-like finish. I also added a 3/8" vacuum compression line cap to the P-tab, so instead of a dime-like edge it has a nice round ball. I added the cap by simply sliding it over the P-tab, and it is easily removed, with no damage to the Aneros itself, so if I decide to try it out with just the thin edge again I can do so.

I also decided that I was not using enough lube in my ass during my previous session, so I got a Red Cross Brand Baby medicine syringe, and measured out 5 ML of Astroglide. After seeing what 5 ML of lube looks like I definitely knew that I did not have enough last time.

I applied the lube and inserted the Helix, and it seemed to slide much easier. I am glad that I polished it and decided to add more lube. The P-tab is much more comfortable, and seems to provide a better pivot point now. I tried several positions, but found that laying flat on my back felt the best. I started playing with my penis a bit, but my body told me not to jerk off as usual, but instead to pull the skin as tight as possible at the base – also I seemed to be rubbing my balls alot more than normal. After awhile I could feel my prostate starting to respond and it felt really good all over – kind of like a very light tickling feeling all over my body – starting with my prostate. I tried to go hands-free, but my body responded much better with my hands on my penis. I found I wasn't really jerking off as much as rubbing all over my penis. After awhile I felt the urge to ejaculate starting to rise, so I went with it, and when I came the Aneros seemed to be dancing a bit on it's on again.

Very fun – looking forward to trying again. I can see that I am starting to get near the zone – but not quite there yet.